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9 Design Tips For a Mediterranean Garden

Imagine having your very own Mediterranean getaway in your garden – relaxed, informal and fragrant in the summer sunshine. With these simple tips, it’s easy to add a touch of Mediterranean style to your garden.

How to keep your crops safe from animals

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can be very rewarding. But sometimes, it can also feel like a battle, with every creature in your garden just waiting for the chance to devour your carefully nurtured plants. Here are our top tips on keeping your crops safe from everything that wants to eat them.

Create a backyard bee meadow 

It is easy to create a backyard bee meadow and make your garden a place where pollinators can enjoy lots of nectar in a biodiverse space.

15 gardening tips for August

August means holidays are here, so take some time to enjoy your garden and reap the benefits of all your hard work throughout the year. There’s still plenty to do, though, and our top gardening tips for August will help you keep your garden looking great right through summer.

6 top crops to grow in containers

Growing your own food is very satisfying, and you don’t need a big space to do it. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, and herbs will grow happily in pots on a patio, balcony, or even on a sunny windowsill. Here are a few crops that you can grow in containers to get you started:

Best plants for a window kitchen garden 

Choose the best plants for a window kitchen garden to ensure you have a thriving place in your kitchen full of plants.

Keep your terrace clean 

To keep your terrace clean doesn’t have to be too much work as long as you do it at the right time of year and have the right equipment. It’s always nice to step out onto a clean and thriving terrace where you can watch your plants grow, sit down with a book to read or entertain family and friends. Keep it clean and looking beautiful with these tips.

8 great gardening hacks

Gardening doesn’t have to be hard on your pocket, your time or the environment. Our list of great gardening hacks will help you save time and money as well as gardening more sustainably. Pick one and try it today!

What we can learn from plants

Knowing what we can learn from plants can open up a whole new connection with the natural world, and there is no better place to do that than in your garden. Plants have survived through changing climatic conditions, unrest and us gardeners planting them in places they would prefer not to be planted! So given how incredible plants are, what can we learn from them? 

How to plant an alpine trough

Alpine troughs are compact, easy to plant and very low-maintenance, so they’re perfect for gardeners short on time or space. As the name suggests, alpine plants come from mountain regions, so they’re used to tough conditions.  Planting an alpine trough is a great way to appreciate these fascinating plants and provide long-lasting interest for a pot on a patio or balcony. Here’s how it’s done.

Why you should love earthworms

Here’s why you should love earthworms. Many people see them as a fun insect that continues to live as two worms if split in half. This is a myth! So leaving the worms to work the soil is much better than messing them around. There’s a reason why leaving them in the soil is the best thing to do and here is why: 

Rabbit proof plants for your garden

If you have rabbits in your garden, you know what it feels like to look out in the morning and see a collection of bare nibbled stems where your plants used to be instead of beds filled with beautiful plants.