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Planting a deciduous hedge

If you’re thinking of planting a hedge, it’s well worth considering deciduous shrubs. Deciduous shrubs are easy to grow and need an occasional trim. Deciduous hedging plants often have beautiful flowers and berries that attract wildlife to the garden, contributing to biodiversity. Many shrubs have fabulous autumn foliage, too. So, what are you waiting for, here are six of our favourite deciduous hedging plants.

Top 5 plants for the home office

Find our top 5 plants for the home office to make your room the ideal place to be motivated, productive and efficient. Houseplants bring so much to a room, not just aesthetically but also as they clear the air of common toxins and give you something to feel responsible for as you nurture it, so your plant thrives. There are many to choose from, but specifically for the home office here are our top picks. 

7 ways to style your home office

Here are 7 ways to style your home officeWorking from home is here to stay, and we all work better when we’re in pleasant surroundings. Turn your home office into a welcoming, inspiring place with these top tips. 

Cleaning up your garden tools

It’s time to start cleaning up your garden tools so they are just like brand new to start off the new year of gardening again. It is important to keep your tools and other garden accessories clean to ensure they don’t spread any pests or diseases in your garden. It is easy to do and can even fill some time up over the winter months until the weather warms up and it’s time to sow more seeds. 

Get into Veganuary: Vegan gardening tips

This month, as part of Veganuary, many of us are trying to adopt a more vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. To help, we’ve put together a few tips on being more vegan in the way we garden.

Get through this blue Monday

Know how to get through this Blue Monday to make sure that you thrive forward into the year without feeling low on the saddest day of the year. The third Monday of January every year is named Blue Monday because it is at the point of the month where the festivities have ended, it’s cold outside and new years resolutions have been broken. But, by doing one or all of the below activities, you can get through the day without feeling blue.

Top 6 big houseplants to substitute your Christmas tree

Are you looking for a big houseplant to substitute your Christmas tree? When it is the end of the festivities and time to take your Christmas tree down, space can look a little bit bare. So why not replace the Christmas tree with another plant that will last all year, plus brings you a lot of joy, is aesthetically pleasing and even helps clean the toxins' air. A total win-win situation. Here are our top 6 for you to fill that empty space with.

Get into Walk The Dog Month this January

January is Walk The Dog Month. But if you have a dog, you already know you have to walk it every day, so what’s new? Well, it turns out Walk The Dog Month is also a great way to get your own New Year off to a good start. Not only your dog needs a daily walk, but you should also reach the 10.000 steps a day! Want to know how? Here are a few ways to turn walking your dog from a chore into a treat.

Make your own plant hangers

Get ready to make your own plant hangers and welcome even more plants into your home and garden. There are many ways to enjoy plants, and if you are running out of room in your house or outside, it is time to think vertically. Look up and see where you can hang plants from and then get creative with these ways to make your own. 

A fresh start for your home and garden

It’s January again, time to kickstart the New Year. Are you ready to begin the New Year with a fresh start for your home and garden? Banish the winter blues with a few feel-good activities that will boost your mood and get your house and garden into shape for the year.

Start making plans for your kitchen garden

It’s time to start making plans for your kitchen garden and get ready for growing your own food and cut flowers in abundance. Kitchen gardens are great to make the most of the space outside your back door. They can be small spaces or larger but always very productive and look great. Here are some things to get started when planning your kitchen garden. 

15 Gardening Tips for January

The New Year is here and it’s time to start thinking about your gardening plans for the year. On a clear, crisp winter’s day, there’s nothing nicer than getting outside for a couple of hours gardening, then warming up again indoors with a hot drink. Here are some of the garden jobs you could start off with in January.