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April lawn care tips

If you dream of a smooth green lawn in your garden this summer, now’s the time to start getting it into shape. As the days warm up and the grass springs back into action, putting in some work on your lawn now will pay dividends over the rest of the year. Here are our top 6 spring lawn care tips.

Sowing seeds for summer

Growing plants from seed is one of the joys of gardening. It’s great for gardeners on a tight budget, giving you masses of plants for minimal cost, and there’s no beating the sense of triumph that comes from seeing those first seedlings poke their green heads above the soil. Sow a few seeds now in spring, and they’ll give you a spectacular show in summer.

What to sow in the kitchen garden in April

Knowing what to sow in the kitchen garden in April is pretty easy because it is the month where everything really gets going in the garden. The temperature warms up quite quickly, and there will be more daylight, making it a great time to sow many seeds and get them off to a good start for the season ahead. It is an exciting time for gardeners, so get your seed packets ready, seed trays, compost and plant labels ready so you are prepared to get sowing seeds. 

Easter Monday egg hunting

Have fun Easter Monday egg hunting with these top 5 fun ideas. From outside to inside and even organised events, there is something for each of you to enjoy this easter. We hope the Easter bunny visits you!

15 gardening tips for April

April’s here and spring really is in the air. Spring bulbs are flowering, leaves are appearing on trees, and the air is full of birdsong. Things are starting to happen in the garden too, and there’s plenty for gardeners to do to get ready for the year ahead. Here are our top 15 gardening tips for April.

How to grow African violets

With their velvety leaves and colourful flowers that keep coming for months, African violets (Saintpaulia) make gorgeous houseplants. Compact enough to fit on a windowsill, they brighten up even the smallest spaces. 

5 Easter Decoration Ideas

These 5 Easter decoration ideas will not only give you something entertaining and creative to do at home but also help to turn your home into a lovely place to celebrate easter. Don’t forget the chocolate eggs and egg hunt in the garden as well! All of the mentioned tips are fun to do with kids. So, stimulate your inner tinkerer and get started with our 5 Easter Decoration Ideas!

Bring the tropics to your home

Create your own exotic getaway on your own doorstep! Fill your house and garden with the tropics' flowers and foliage with our selection of tropical plants for indoors and out.

How to plant trees, conifers and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the backbones of any garden, creating a living framework for all the other plants. Deciduous trees change with the season, with beautiful spring flowers or spectacular autumn foliage. Even when the leaves have fallen, the bare branches add height and interest to the winter garden. Conifers add evergreen structure and come in a surprisingly wide range of colours, shapes and styles.  Finally, shrubs are the perfect choice for low-maintenance gardens. There are spring, summer and autumn-flowering shrubs, and many of them need an annual trim to keep them tidy.

Fruit trees for your garden

With so many fruit trees for your garden to choose from, how do you know which will be suitable? We’ve got you covered! No matter what size garden you have, there are always options to include fruit trees. Even on a balcony or patio, there is a tree for every garden. The great think about fruit trees is they are both beautiful and productive. 

Helping hedgehogs

Sometimes helping hedgehogs is necessary if they need it, especially when they come out of hibernation during springtime. Hedgehogs are an essential part of the garden, plus they are just wonderful to spot amongst the plants. Did you know that hedgehogs eat some garden pests? This can really help you to keep your garden thriving and pest-free. Occasionally, hedgehogs need an extra special hand if they are injured or young and unable to feed. There is plenty you can do to give a hand to the happy hedgehogs in your garden. 

Maintaining an aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium is easy with these tips to make sure your water, plants and fish are kept healthy, well and in good shape. Especially if you are new to keeping an aquarium there are a few elements to take into account when planning how you will keep it looking great. Aquariums can bring so much joy to a home, from fascinating fish and lush green plants to mesmerising lighting and calming water ripples. Here is how to take care of your aquarium.