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Keep your garden paths looking good

You can keep your garden paths looking good in many ways, from cleaning to even planting and other ideas in between! This is how we recommend your paths look the best they can all year. 

Garden therapy

Discover everything about garden therapy. The latest research shows that spending even a little time in your garden is good for your mental health.

How to repot a container plant

Here is how to repot a container plant perfectly to ensure it settles in well and thrives.

7 great front garden design ideas

Your front garden is the first thing you see when you come home and the first thing other people see when they visit you, so it needs to look good. These great design ideas for front gardens will help you make your garden something really special.

Reduce weeds with mulch

You can reduce weeds with mulch at most times of the year, but there are preferable seasons to help control weeds.

How to prevent your plants from bolting

This guide is how to prevent your plants from bolting, which can be so frustrating and happen really quickly in conditions that aren’t ideal for your plants.

Create a pet-friendly garden

Creating a pet-friendly garden doesn’t mean your garden will have to be bare, patchy lawn, or even dug-up plants. If you are starting to make your garden pet friendly or already have your perfect garden and are about to introduce your new pet, these tips will help you, and your pet enjoys the garden as much as each other. 

No dig gardening

Tired of double-digging your vegetable garden? Take heart – there is another way. No-dig gardening is an increasingly popular way of gardening that minimises disturbance to the soil, leaving the natural soil organisms to do the hard work for you. 

7 ways to help your garden cope with heat waves

We all know how important it is to water our gardens, especially when the weather is hot. But it’s just as important to water effectively so that the plants get the right amount of water with as little waste as possible. Our top tips will help you use water well in your garden.

Summer and winter pruning

Here’s a brief guide to the differences between summer and winter pruning.

How to divide plants 

Knowing how to divide plants is such a rewarding task because not only does it help your plants to thrive and gives them room to grow but it also means it results in you having more free plants!

How to harvest beets 

Know how to harvest beets with this guide we have put together for you. Harvesting delicious homegrown beets is such a joyful experience, and the flavour just can not be beaten!