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Top 5 ideas for Fathers Day Gifts

It is time to decide on Father's Day Gifts to treat the special man in your life. Treat your Dad with a special gift to show him how much you care.

How to grow an avocado as a houseplant

With big glossy green leaves, avocado trees make surprisingly good houseplants, and they’re easy to grow from an avocado stone. Why not pick up a fresh avocado from the supermarket and give it a go? 

Lawn tips for June

These lawn tips for June will help you to keep your lawn in great shape for the summer ahead. As the months warm up and you spend more time outside in the garden, you might find the lawn being used much more. Perhaps BBQ’s with family and friends, children playing ball games and dogs running around might make for a messy lawn, but there are ways and means to keep it looking great with these tips. 

Explaining plant food and fertilizers

Anyone who’s ever tried to grow a plant will have come up against the question of plant food and fertilizer. With so many different types of fertilizers available, how can you tell which one is best for your plants? We’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions below.

Improve soil drainage

You can improve soil drainage in many ways. Most plants will require well-drained soil, which means their roots absorb the water and nutrients, but they don’t sit in heavy wet soil, contributing to rot, disease and pests. There are, however, soils that, even though they may not be well-drained, can still look beautiful as long as the right plants have been chosen for that soil. It’s important to have good drainage in pots and containers as well, so here are our tips to help. 

15 garden tips for June

June is here, and that means long days and gardens filled with sunshine and flowers. Whether you’re sowing, planting or harvesting, keep your garden looking its best with our top 15 garden tips for June.

Top 4 beautiful flowering houseplants to grow

If you want fresh flowers in your home all year round, flowering houseplants are the answer. Many flowers for months in summer, and there are even houseplants that flower in the middle of winter. Here are four of our favourite flowering houseplants:

Top 5 plants to grow in containers

These top 5 plants to grow in containers are perfect for small spaces such as a patio or balcony where there is less space but plenty of potentials. If you have a small space, use as much space as you can, including vertical growing to maximise the greenery! There are many varieties perfect for growing in pots to give you a productive and beautiful display. Here are our top 5 for your garden containers: 

6 ways to make your back garden a wildlife habitat

Your garden’s wildlife needs your help! With many insect and bird populations struggling, we need to do everything we can to support the creatures that share our gardens. Here are our top tips on creating a wildlife habitat in your back garden

Fertilising your lawn

Start fertilising your lawn to get that perfect lush green grass to step onto or to have a picnic, garden party or just because you want to admire it from the kitchen window. It is a very easy gardening job to do and one that will be most satisfying when you are proud of your green, healthy lawn. If you don’t want to fertilise your lawn, we have some other ideas for you below as well. 

How to grow a pineapple plant from a top

When you’ve chopped up that fresh pineapple for dessert, don’t throw away the top – you could use it to grow another pineapple plant! With their spiky rosettes of fleshy leaves, pineapple plants make dramatic-looking indoor plants, fitting in perfectly with the trend for growing succulents. And if you’re lucky (and very patient), you might even be able to harvest your very own pineapple.

Sowing colourful annuals

Start sowing colourful annuals as soon as the weather warms up and the soil temperature is also a little warmer, but if you can’t wait, some can be sown undercover. A few hardy annuals prefer to be sown directly in the soil where they are to grow. Either way, annuals make a great addition to any garden with so many varieties to choose from, an array of colours and many that are great for cutting to put into a vase. Here are some of our favourites to sow and grow, including a few sowing tips.