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Sun-loving plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden that gets full sun, there’s a huge range of plants you can grow. Most flowering plants are happy in the sun, and here are some that just love to soak up those rays. 

Avoid these Hydrangea care mistakes

Easily avoid these Hydrangea care mistakes and ensure your Hydrangeas all thrive for a long time, whether they are in a pot or a garden border.

15 Gardening tips for July

In July, the garden is in full swing, with flowers blooming everywhere you look and vegetable beds full of crops to be harvested. So please make the most of your garden this month with our top 15 gardening tips for July.

Enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show

In many ways, you can enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show, from floral marquees to show gardens, demonstrations to picnics, as it is such an incredible day out. This is one of the Royal Horticultural Societies biggest flower shows, and everyone has been waiting for it after a time without shows over the past year. It takes place from July 5 until July 11.

How to feed your houseplants

Like us, plants need food to grow and stay healthy. They get most of their nutrients from the soil, but houseplants grown in pots will quickly use up all the nutrients in fresh compost. So to keep your houseplants healthy and to look good, it’s important to feed them regularly

Maintain a thriving pond

To maintain a thriving pond takes a little bit of knowledge, but it can be very easy to do. We have some great tips to help you keep your fish or wildlife pond, even a pond bucket, happy and healthy full of pond life. 

Grow exotic garden plants

Start to grow exotic garden plants, and you will bring a tropical feel to your garden. It is easier than you might think with a few tips and tricks, plus the right plants for the right place.

Top 5 plants for hanging baskets

Planting a hanging basket is a quick and easy way to add instant colour to patios, balconies and any other outdoor space that needs brightening up. Many of the most popular plants for hanging baskets will flower for months on end, and they’re effortless to care for. Here are five of our favourite plants for hanging baskets.

How to use water wisely in the garden

Water is one of our most precious resources, and as summers get hotter and drier, we need to use water wisely in our gardens. These simple tips will help you give your plants the water they need with as little waste as possible.

What to plant in the kitchen garden in June

June is such a busy month in the kitchen garden from keeping on top of weeds to watering, planting out and harvesting plus even more sowing - it’s not too late!

Pruning climbers and shrubs

Left to their own devices, shrubs and climbers can get out of hand, growing too big and looking untidy. Pruning keeps them looking neat and flowering well, so it’s well worth doing. 

Eco-friendly pest control

There is eco-friendly pest control available for just about every pest the amateur gardener will find in the garden, so there is usually something that will help you to protect your plants. Generally speaking, the aim of pest control is to prevent pests rather than completely eradicate them, since each and everyone does have a purpose in the garden - even if you would prefer that purpose not to be eating your brassicas!