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Make the start of 2021 unforgettable

Wondering how to make the start of 2021 unforgettable? After a difficult year in 2020, it is really important to get 2021 off to the start you need to make 2021 much better than the year before. There are many ways to kick off the new year doing fun, exciting and different things so you can make sure it’s a start not to forget. Try some of these ideas to enjoy the start of 2021. 

7 New Year’s resolutions for gardeners

Happy new year everyone, we wish you all a happy, healthy and green 2021 Do you already have some new years resolutions? Forget all those dismal resolutions to read more improving books, lose weight or eat less chocolate. This year, why not make some New Year’s resolutions for your garden instead? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Decorate your house for New Year's Eve

It’s fun to decorate your house for New Year's Eve and to see 2020 out with a party, even if it is just a few of you, will be great fun and bring hope and joy for the new year! After an unexpected year, why not enjoy a night of partying and decorate your house for that party vibe. Think fun paper crafts and natural decorations for no waste and enjoy seeing out 2020 and welcoming in 2021. 

Protect plants, shrubs and trees against the frost

Time to protect plants, shrubs and trees against the frost to make sure that they are safe during the colder months of the years so they will continue to thrive through all seasons in the future. There are many ways to protect your plant against the frost. Read our top tips to maintain your plants during winter.

Top 6 recipes to serve from the winter barbecue

Even though the weather is much colder and most of the garden is taking a rest, there is no reason why the barbecue has to be put away just yet. It can be an opportunity to cook up some delicious food on the BBQ and enjoy the fresh air. So wrap up and get your blankets out, warm hats on and enjoy the garden even during Autumn and Winter. Here are our top 6 recipes to serve from the winter barbecue.

9 seasonal plants for Christmas bouquets

When it’s cold outside, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, stems and berries is a lovely way to brighten up your home. And despite the winter chill, it’s still possible to find the colour and even flowers in the garden now to add a seasonal note to your flower arrangements. Here are a few of our favourite plants for a beautiful Christmas bouquet

Time to prune perennials, roses and fruit trees

It's time to prune plants, roses and fruit trees as they enter dormancy. The temperature drop and less sunlight mean many garden plants will now drop leaves, stems will die back, and you may think some perennials have disappeared! In fact, they will be storing energy under the soil so they can burst back into bloom the following year when the weather warms up again. It’s a great time to tidy up in the garden, so here are some gardening tips to help you during the colder months. 

Plant of the moment: Poinsettia

Today, it's Poinsettia Day! With their bright red flowers and deep green leaves, poinsettias truly are the colours of Christmas. Their vibrant flowers brighten up our homes in the depths of winter. And with a bit of care, it’s possible to keep your poinsettia going right through the year, and even get it to flower again next Christmas. 

Pet needs for Christmas

Know what your pet needs for Christmas so you can be sure that they have everything needed to enjoy the Christmas period without having to worry about what they might run out of. Enjoy the festivities with your pets and have some great fun together with these ideas to make sure you and your pets have the most wonderful festive time in December and be ready for the new year. 

Growing Amaryllis Bulbs

Get festive by growing Amaryllis bulbs (Hippeastrum) for an extravagant bloom that is simply stunning and a great benefit is how easy it is to grow! The big, lousy blooms of the Amaryllis can be in many different colours, mostly white to red and some with stripes as well. Tall stems with glossy foliage adorn hold the big blooms, so they stand out for everyone to see. Here’s how to grow them: 

10 tips on making your own Christmas decorations

Add your own personal touch to the festive season this year by making your own Christmas decorations. It’s inexpensive and fun to do, and the results look fabulous! To get you started, we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for DIY Christmas decorations.

15 garden tips for December

December’s the perfect time for tidying up the garden and taking stock, thinking about what worked well and what you might change next year. Catch up with all those little jobs you never get time for during the year, like organising your shed and cleaning your tools. And when the days are cold and dark, start planning for next year’s planting! Here are our top 15 gardening tips for December.