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Sustainable upcycling garden activities

These sustainable upcycling garden activities will help to give you some inspiration for reusing and recycling some of your household or garden items that you might otherwise throw away. It can be really satisfying to up-cycle old goods and can also help to add your own personality into the garden. As well as reducing waste, you can personalise items and make some extraordinary new things for your garden. Upcycling can be a lovely activity to do on your own or with kids.

Top 5 Spring bulbs to order now

Our top 5 spring bulbs to order now will give your garden some pizazz next year, and as ever when gardening, it is always good to look to the seasons ahead allowing your bulbs and plants the time to store nutrients and get ready to bloom at just the right time of year. Try these for the perfect colour next spring.

3 houseplants that are good for your health

Want a quick way to feel better? Get yourself a houseplant or two. A recent Japanese study showed that taking a 3-minute break from your computer screen to care for or just look at a plant can help to reduce your pulse rate and anxiety levels. Being around plants, even if it’s just a cactus on a desk, reminds us of nature and the outdoors, connecting us to a healthier way of life. Find out anything about 3 houseplants that are good for your health.

Tips on pruning shrubs, trees and perennials

‘That plant really needs cutting back.’ How often have you looked at your garden and said those words? It can be hard to know what to cut back when, and how much to chop, so here are a few tips for pruning shrubs, trees and perennials.

Upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

Make an upcycled tyre hanging flower planter with ease and make it into something extraordinary for your garden. Upcycling has so many benefits from reducing waste and landfill to being able to add a stamp of your own personality in your garden or on your allotment. Various things can be done to add colour and of course your favourite plants, so here are tips to help you make the most of your old tires.

How to grow foxgloves

With their tall, elegant spires of purple or white flowers, foxgloves bring shady borders to life in early summer. The foxglove is one of those wildflowers that has made itself at home in our gardens, and it’s easy to see why. Loved by pollinators, especially bumblebees, this low-maintenance beauty will self-seed gently around your garden, creating an aura of cottage garden charm.

Top 5 plants for the home office

Want to boost your creativity and feel good too? Research shows that simply being around plants can improve your creativity by over 40%. With working from home here to stay, we’ve come up with our five top plants to enhance your home office.

Top tips for taking your pet on holiday

Looking for some tips for taking your pet on holiday​? Having your beloved pet with you on holiday can make your trip extra special. Whether you're going to a foreign country or rather stay close to home this year, always make sure your pet stays safe. Have the best time together by following a few simple tips.

Plant vegetables and herbs in August

It's not too late to plant vegetables and herbs in August, even though it is summer and you may already have an abundance of crops. It is actually quite easy to grow at this time of year, as long as you know which plants will grow in the heat of the summer. The key with planting at this time of year is water, especially in particularly dry weather and there are plenty of vegetables that you can grow to extend the growing season for as long as possible meaning you get to enjoy homegrown crops for much longer. Here are some of our suggestions for what you can plant now.

Creating a dry garden

Think about creating a dry garden to help save on water, effort and still have a beautiful space, great for pollinators. It has become much more popular due to the current changing climate. This style of gardening helps to reduce the need for irrigation and can be useful for areas that do not have a good water supply, but where to start? This guide will help you on your way.

Growing Dazzling Dahlias

It is really easy to start growing dazzling Dahlias. They’ve seen a huge big comeback over recent years, with many more people growing all kinds of varieties in the garden and on the allotment. The many types and colours mean there really is a Dahlia for everyone, and you can pick from various shapes, colours and sizes. Not to forget they are one of the most popular flowers on social media. 

15 garden tips for August

August means holidays and lazy days soaking up the sunshine. Now’s the time to relax in the garden and enjoy the results of all your hard work. And to keep your garden looking great all summer, read our top gardening tips for August.