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Following government advice on Monday 23rd March, we have taken the decision to close our business to best protect the health and safety of our customers and staff. We sincerely hope that we will be able to open in the near future, please see our website for further updates.

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Flower of the month: Tulip

The flower of the month has to be the March Tulip! As we step over the threshold to the spring months ahead, the bulbs are flowering, and our gardens, kitchen gardens, patios and balconies all start to show some beautiful colour. The Tulip is the most vibrant of them all, coming in a range of colours and varieties there is one to suit everyone and all gardens. To celebrate the vibrant flowers, here are some facts and tips about the colourful Tulip.

Source: flowercouncil.co.uk
15 gardening tips for March

Daffodils bob in the breeze, buds appear on the trees – yes, spring’s really here at last. Spend an hour or two now getting your garden into shape, and you’ll reap the benefits all summer long. Here are our top garden tips for March.

Houseplant of the month: Dendrobium

Dendrobium orchids make spectacular houseplants, with their gorgeous blooms lasting for weeks in spring, and with a bit of care, they’ll thrive and flower year after year. Here’s how to keep your dendrobium looking good all year round.  

Source: flowercouncil.co.uk
Top 6 greenhouse heating tips

An advantage to owning a greenhouse is that you can grow something almost all year. A greenhouse can be used to look after your plants over winter or just for a little extra storage over the colder months, but what if you do want to extend the growing season all year round? Then you are most likely going to need to heat the greenhouse to help your plants along. Here are our top 6 tips for heating your greenhouse.

Japani (Japanese design elements)

It is easy to follow the Japani style in your home and to take design elements from Japanese homes can be done anywhere in the world, no matter what size home you have. Look at wooden frames, narrow walkways and corridors, folding screening and think about purity and tranquillity. Imagine being in a calm, pure and relaxing room in your home. A perfect place for reflection, peace and time out. That is the Japani style. If you are wondering how to create that style, start with our tips.

How to grow and prune wisteria

Each year, the gorgeous sight and scent of blooming wisteria, covering walls and draped elegantly over arches and pergolas, is the signal that spring is really and truly here. If you’ve always dreamed of growing wisteria, here’s how to care for this beautiful climber.

Left-over seeds

Any gardener will know there are seeds from leftover seed packets every year as the seed packets increase rather than decrease! It is just too tempting not to buy the many packets of seeds available, even if they don’t end up being sown and grown. You only need to look at gardeners on social media to see the vast collections of seed packets annually organised into monthly sowing to see just how many seed packets are hoarded each year. But what do you do with the seeds leftover in each packet after you’ve sown all you need?

All about marigolds

Marigold means ‘golden flower’ and these delightful annuals will gleam and dazzle in pots and borders all summer. Easy to grow and care for, marigolds attract beneficial insects, and they’re also great at pest control.

Keeping happy fish

Having an aquarium and keeping happy fish is a very popular choice for people all around the world. There is no wonder because not only can an aquarium bring life to home but just watching fish swimming in the water can be therapeutic in itself. There are many accessories and ways to set up a tank depending on the type of fish you would like to keep. Here are our tips for keeping your fish and tank in good condition. 

How to choose the right garden tools

Having the right tools makes any job easier, and that goes for gardening too. To help you decide what you need for your garden, here’s our guide to our top ten garden tools.

Bring some natural inspiration into your home

Create calm and peace and bring some natural inspiration into the home with touches of wood and accessories into your relaxing rooms. It is always lovely to come home and be able to relax after a day at work, so adding in touches of nature can add to the feeling of calm and relaxation. Create this look by combining accessories in natural materials. These ideas will help to get you started. 

Gifts you can make for Valentine's Day

These gifts you can make for valentines day will help to bring a really personal touch to your romantic gift-giving for your valentine this year. There are many gifts and cards available perfectly suited to your loved one but why not go that extra mile and spend a little time making and personalising something for that extra special splash of romance.