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How to grow Japanese anemones

When the Japanese anemones bloom, you know autumn is just around the corner. These tall, elegant perennials flower in late summer, just as other plants are starting to fade. With their sculpted pink or white flowers on long slender stems, they’re a dramatic presence in the border, keeping summer going just that little bit longer. 

Scented plants for every garden

Scent is one of the most evocative senses we have. Just a hint of fragrance can transport us back to a memorable summer, a special holiday or a beloved childhood garden. Whether your garden is big or small, adding a few scented plants allows you to revive old memories and create beautiful new ones. 

Decorating jar lanterns

It is great fun decorating jar lanterns because not only is it a really nice DIY project to enjoy but it also means you end up with some personalised and pretty jar lanterns to use in your home or garden. They look stunning in the evening, especially if you are sitting outside enjoying the night sky or if you need to light the way when you have friends and family over. We have put these ideas together of ways you can make and decorate your lanterns, but if all else fails or you have little time, there are plenty of lovely lanterns to purchase all ready to light up in your garden. 

Allergies caused by pets


Helping allergies caused by pets is imperative if you love your furry friends but can’t get too close because of allergies. There are a few options to ensure you can cuddle your favourite pets without sneezing, sniffing or breaking out in a rash so don’t give up hope until you’ve tried some of these ideas. It is essential to get allergies to pets under control when needed so you can visit family and friends who have pets or even have some pets of your own. If you also suffer from hay fever, these approaches could also help.

Hydrangea for the garden and home

The much-loved Hydrangea for the garden and home comes into its own at this time of year. Many will have been flowering for months at this point, and many will also just be turning into those beautiful late summer toned down flower heads. They look both fantastic in the garden and the home placed in a vase. Get the best from your Hydrangeas with our ideas below.

15 garden tips for September

As the days start getting shorter and the leaves blaze red and gold, enjoy the last of the good weather as you wind down the garden for winter. There’s lots to be harvested and plenty of planning to do for next spring. Here are our top 15 gardening tips for September.

Houseplant of the month: Strelitzia

For genuinely spectacular flowers in September, the houseplant strelitzia takes some beating. With its tufts of flaming orange petals, like the head of a fabulous exotic bird, it’s easy to see why it’s called the bird of paradise plant or the crane flower. Big blue-grey leaves, like those of the banana plant, add to the tropical appeal of this striking plant. Native to South Africa, strelitzias usually flower in spring and summer, although indoor-grown plants may produce flowers at any time of year. 

Source: flowercouncil.co.uk
Plants for shady gardens

Shady gardens can be beautiful. On blazing hot summer days, what could be better than a comfortable seat in the shade? Flower colours are softer in the darkness, and green foliage takes centre stage, creating a tranquil setting with just a hint of mystery.

Sustainable upcycling garden activities

These sustainable upcycling garden activities will help to give you some inspiration for reusing and recycling some of your household or garden items that you might otherwise throw away. It can be really satisfying to up-cycle old goods and can also help to add your own personality into the garden. As well as reducing waste, you can personalise items and make some extraordinary new things for your garden. Upcycling can be a lovely activity to do on your own or with kids.

Top 5 Spring bulbs to order now

Our top 5 spring bulbs to order now will give your garden some pizazz next year, and as ever when gardening, it is always good to look to the seasons ahead allowing your bulbs and plants the time to store nutrients and get ready to bloom at just the right time of year. Try these for the perfect colour next spring.

3 houseplants that are good for your health

Want a quick way to feel better? Get yourself a houseplant or two. A recent Japanese study showed that taking a 3-minute break from your computer screen to care for or just look at a plant can help to reduce your pulse rate and anxiety levels. Being around plants, even if it’s just a cactus on a desk, reminds us of nature and the outdoors, connecting us to a healthier way of life. Find out anything about 3 houseplants that are good for your health.

Tips on pruning shrubs, trees and perennials

‘That plant really needs cutting back.’ How often have you looked at your garden and said those words? It can be hard to know what to cut back when, and how much to chop, so here are a few tips for pruning shrubs, trees and perennials.