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Garden Café

Our menu at the Garden Café in The Welsh Harp to satisfy your hunger 

Following the traditions of a modern English tea room, the Garden Cafe offers a neat variety of fresh meals both hot and cold that might leave you licking your fingers. The many flavours we have carefully put together for our menu are enough to blow away your mind. The teas we have in the menu are many and each as unique and distinct in taste as the others. Our menu is organised into these three categories of offerings:

  • Tea & Coffee: Ever the favourite afternoon drink of the English, tea has a special place in our Garden Cafe near Wembley. We make it with deference and serve it with elegance. There are many flavours to go for and you will find whether you choose the traditional English tea or one of our more vivid flavours, you will like them all. As for coffee, we have a great coffee maker that can give you a steaming mug of your favourite kind.
  • Confectionery: Starting with cakes, which you will find available in many traditional and popular flavours, from chocolate to strawberry cheese and more.  
  • Meals: Finally we have Panini’s, toasties, sandwiches, and an assortment of biscuits to go with your coffee or tea

The elegant side of Birchen Grove Garden Centre

Our Garden Cafe near Wembley is quite different from the rest of our premises in terms of elegance of presentation. While the garden centre is gritty and smells of fertiliser, the tea room is the opposite. It looks exquisitely decorated with plants, traditional furniture, and various displays of mouth-watering recipes. While the staff in our garden centre have dirty hands thanks to their constant contact with the soil and plants (Of which they are never ashamed) the team in the Garden Cafe displays the cleanest outfits and moisturised hands. However, the smile you come across in both settings will be genuine and the suggestions sincere.

The best tea room in town

Our Garden Cafe near Wembley has to be the best in town. It has the best menu, the friendliest team of attending staff who know what they are doing, the most elegant though minimalistic decorations, the most competitive prices, and the best guests, of course.