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Malvern Autumn Show

The first of this autumn’s harvest celebrations gets underway next weekend at the Malvern Autumn Show, an extravaganza of giant veg and foodie heaven that will have your mouth watering.

Plant of the Week: Chrysanthemum

Choose from traditional spray chrysanthemums, grown for cut flowers, or hardy varieties which flower their socks off through October and November, when everything else is retiring for winter.

Gardening for the soul

A survey of x000 gardeners found that over 85% agreed that visiting a garden has a positive impact on their wellbeing, with eight in 10 feeling happier after strolling around a garden.

Time for a fresh lawn?

Get the ground ready now for laying new lawns as now is the best time of year to sow grass seed or lay turf, while the air and soil are still warm and there are gentle autumn rains to help roots establish quickly.​

The greatest British Garden of 2018

A Suffolk garden full of tropical-looking planting has won the title of Great British Garden of 2018 beating nine runners-up to claim the £4,100 gardening vouchers prize plus a gardening class with TV’s Adam Frost.

Plant of the Week: Carnivorous plants

It may seem ghoulish to grow plants which trap and eat other living organisms from flies and wasps to ants, spiders and other creepy crawlies, but carnivorous plants are a fascinating group which can also play a useful role in controlling your garden pests.

Happy & healthy creatures!

Putting out food and providing safe hibernating spots in the garden provides a lifeline for creatures like hedgehogs, ground beetles and frogs – they’ll reward your efforts by providing a built-in pest control service next year, as they eat vast numbers of slug and snail eggs plus aphids and other nasties.

Delicious fresh greens to pick

There’s a host of cold-hardy salad ingredients which are able to grow quite happily even in watery winter sunlight, and are also resilient enough to put up with frost, snow and winter gales: just pop a cloche over the top during really bad weather to keep them in good condition.

Plant of the Week: Calathea

Calathea is straightforward to look after, happy in any shady corner where it can have steady warmth and moist air (spray occasionally with tepid water to keep humidity high).

Unhealthy weed killing?

The future of commonly-used weedkiller glyphosate is less certain following a court ruling in the USA which ordered one of the biggest manufacturers, Monsanto, to pay $289 million (£226 million) in damages to a man who claimed glyphosate caused his cancer.

Gardening in prison

Prisoners at HMP Hull have scooped the Royal Horticultural Society’s Windlesham Trophy for the best-kept prison garden – the first time the prison has won the award.The annual prize recognises the value of gardening within prison communities and has been running for over 30 years. It is hotly contested, with 18 prisons entering the competition this year.

What to do in your garden in September?

The gardening year is turning to its last dazzling farewell display of autumn colour soon, so it’s time to shake yourself out of the torpor of late summer and get going again.