App Policy

Birchen Grove GC App Privacy Policy Birchen Grove GC (Birchen Grove Garden Centre) is an application that allows customers to enter their personal information as a requirement of joining the membership scheme. In addition, the customer is asked accept/reject:

  • The receipt of marketing information via various specified media.
  • Their purchasing habits being captured and used for target marketing
  • Their personal information being passed to a third party for marketing purposes.

The Birchen Grove GC application and can only be used in conjunction with Birchen Grove Garden Centre Systems none of the data captured is stored within the application or on the ‘capturing’ device. All the information gathered is passed securely to Birchen Grove Garden Centre for storage and processing.


How to delete your APP Account

Should you wish at any time to remove your details, please see below 5 simple steps to delete your APP account:

Step 1: Log into the app
Step 2: Go to the Account icon
Step 3: Select the Details tab at the top
Step 4: Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Permanently Delete Account’
Step 5: Enter App password, and tap delete.

Your customer record is immediately permanently deleted.