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Enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show

Enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show

In many ways, you can enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show, from floral marquees to show gardens, demonstrations to picnics, as it is such an incredible day out. This is one of the Royal Horticultural Societies biggest flower shows, and everyone has been waiting for it after a time without shows over the past year. It takes place from July 5 until July 11. So, you can walk around all day and see so much, but we’ve got some tips for you to get the best out of such a great flower show so you can make sure you don’t miss out on anything you want to see. 

Plan to enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show 

Yes, it is absolutely all in the planning! With such a big site, do a little research first, so you can see what’s on and what you would most like to enjoy. That way, you can head for the areas you specifically want to see first, then everything else is a bonus! Check out the RHS website to see a list of everything throughout each day, and write a list starting at your top pick all the way down to anything you aren’t so interested in seeing. That way, you can start writing your plan, and if you really want to squeeze everything into one day, you can even add times to each, so you keep to a really strict time plan, too!

Enjoy Hampton Court Flower show by not missing the floral marquee

The floral marquee is absolutely the most wonderful place to be! From the vibrancy of the plants to the fragrance and everything that will delight you from new varieties to your all-time favourites - you will find it all in the marquee and plant village. It is a great opportunity to also speak to the experts who breed, grow and sell plants, so it’s your opportunity to get some tips as well. Don’t be too shy to ask questions as you marvel at the beauty of plants. 

The show gardens are one way to enjoy Hampton Court Flower Show 

One aspect of a flower show has to be the show gardens, of course! At Hampton Court, there are many varied and inspirational gardens to look at. Speak to the designers, and don’t forget to take a planting list home with you. Most show garden designers also hand out lists of plants used in the design, so when you get home, you don’t forget what you’ve seen that you would love in your own garden. Make a list of the show gardens you are specifically keen on seeing first, but remember, even the ones you don’t feel drawn to will still give you plenty of inspiration as well. 

Don’t forget to eat and drink! It is usually hot at Hampton, so make some time to rest and replenish before you carry on marvelling at plants. 

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